Reporting and Analytics

Get accurate data insides with our reporting and analytics solution for your data decisions

Reporting & Business Intelligence

1. Unit4 Browser Reporting :
            -  The standard and advance browsers set up.
            -  Browser based report scheduling.
            -  Auto alerting of browser data based on intelligent.

2. Unit4 RERX Reporting :
            -  Excelerator : All types of excel reports and Automation build will be done.
            -  Wordrator : The word format reports will be created for automation of admin and HR department letters.
            -  ARERX PDFs : RERX report template to generate PDF out put will be built using advance RERX reporting.

3. Smart Reporting:
            -  Automation of manual reports will be carried out.
            -  Performance optimization of existing reports.
            -  Smart delivery of the reports to stakeholder.
            -  Governance and controls will be audited.
            -  Data access of confidential and sensitive information will be done.

4.Master Reporting:
            -  Master data views.
            -  Data Model for Views and related Tables.
            -  Data integrity .

Analytics & Data Visualization

            All organization holds lots of data in bits and pieces but the getting the correct details in real time or on time is very difficult unless we have federal approach of the data and its usage. Dashboards and charts can be built using unit4 tools or other available tools from Market and combined various sources of data for analysis and real time presentation purpose.

1.Finance :
            -   Account Payable Dashboard.
            -   Account Receivable Dashboard.
            -   Aged Debt Dashboard.
            -  Expense Analysis.

2. Procurement :
            -   Purchase Analysis.
            -   Procurement Patterns and consumption behavior analysis.
            -   Debt Analysis.
            -  Consumption based on segments and departments.

3. Human Resources :
            -   Maintains Employees Dashboard based on age, gender, class, education, department, experience and nationalities.
            -   Maintains Learning and Development Dashboard for trainings, people's feedbacks and analysis of changes post trainings.

4.Project Management :
            -   Utilization of resources.
            -   Project costing and Billing.