UNIT 4 Business World (AGRESSO)

We can be your reliable partner for business systems need with our high skilled resources and advance technology

Application Support and Maintenance

We provide 24/7 support for your business needs and your different geographic locations.
The Support will be provided for all the functional and technical issues of Unit4 Business World (Agresso)ERP.

Finance (AP, AR, GL)

Project Management
           - Project & Workorders
           - Invoicing and Billing
           - Timesheets

Human Resource
           - Resources
           - Timesheet & Absences
           - Expenses
           - Learning and Development

           - Requisitions
           - Purchase Order
           - Sales Order
           - Incoming Invoices

System Administration
           - User and Access Management
           - Report Management
           - Intelligent Management

Unit4 Develpement and Implementation

Form -
       Build form to automate your internal business Processes and digitalize the user experience across.

ACT Development
      Build your own screen or customize the standard screens and processes based on requirement.

Smart Reporting
       - RERX Reporting
       - TAX / GST Reporting

Implementation of core ERP modules
       - Finance
       - P2P
       - Project Management
       - Human Resource
       - Learning and Development
       - Web services and APIs

Development of custom Processes
       - We develops ag16, custom triggers and PL/SQL code to provide you the custom solutions for your business processes.

ERP to ERP Data Migration : We build software packages to migrate data from unit4 ERP to other ERP or vice versa.

Master Data Maintenance

Data maintenance is a crucial task to maintain data accuracy. We process all enterprise data and do the maintenance activity across all processes.

We manage master data like Supplier, customer, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Resources / employee, Project and time processing of ERP.

We also understand the data privacy and security of every record maintained in the ERP. Data governance and control management with high level of security controls.

Robitic process Automation (RPA for Data Processing: The recurring and mundane jobs like invoice posting can be done by using RPA through system. This will provide you hassle free and quick data entries into system with low operational cost.

Automation of Maintenance Activities
       - Maintenance of resource time booking, employee personal details, etc. is the big chunk in the overall maintenance process. Also some part of this data is quite sensitive and confidential too. The automation will help to reduce the manual handling of the data and make process simpler and faster.